Reasons to Buy a Play Table for Your Children

30 November 2021
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When you browse the children's section of any large furniture store, you'll typically see a selection of play tables. These tables usually come with a set of chairs, all of which are sized to be suitable for use by small children. A lot of families set up play tables in common spaces in their homes, including the living room and even the kitchen, providing a place for children to work on art projects, play with toys, and even eat snacks. Read More 

5 Signs Of Pool Screen Damage

3 September 2021
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A pool screen creates a bug-free oasis around your pool. Screens keep debris out of the pool, while also providing another line of protection to keep children and pets away from the water. Spotting damage to the screen can help you repair the problem before it becomes too severe. 1. Aging Fiberglass and nylon screens are particularly prone to aging, with some beginning to degrades in just a few years. Exposure to UV rays and chemicals from pool water can speed the process. Read More 

When You May Want a Septic Tank Inspection and What the Inspector Looks For

24 June 2021
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If you own a septic tank, you should have it inspected occasionally. Since the tank is underground, you have no idea what shape it's in until the tank is inspected by a professional. Here's a look at septic tank inspection services and the parts of your septic system that are checked. When to Have a Septic Tank Inspection A common time to have a septic system checked is when you're buying or selling a house. Read More 

Steps to Take When Installing Hurricane Shutters

16 March 2021
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You won't often find weather events more chaotic than hurricanes. Things can be very stressful for homeowners that live in places where these events occur. A precautionary measure you should seek if you have one of these properties is setting up hurricane shutters, which will go as planned if you take these steps.  Address Problems Before Installation Even if you order a new set of hurricane shutters, there could be potential problems that would make them less effective during hurricanes. Read More 

Get Ready For Holiday Guests By Furnishing A Spare Room Into A Bedroom

7 January 2021
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If you're expecting guests over the holidays, picking out new furniture to create a guest bedroom can be a great way to make sure that everyone will be comfortable. You may also feel more proud of your home by having the room updated with furniture that you'll love. As such, to get a good understanding of what to buy when visiting a furniture store, consider the following tips. Make Sure to Include Storage Read More