Steps to Take When Installing Hurricane Shutters

16 March 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


You won't often find weather events more chaotic than hurricanes. Things can be very stressful for homeowners that live in places where these events occur. A precautionary measure you should seek if you have one of these properties is setting up hurricane shutters, which will go as planned if you take these steps. 

Address Problems Before Installation

Even if you order a new set of hurricane shutters, there could be potential problems that would make them less effective during hurricanes. That's why you should just keep a lookout for these issues before getting them into position and securing them into place with the appropriate tools and materials.

Inspect the shutters on the front, back, and sides to ensure nothing is wrong with their condition. If you find things like chipping, missing sections, or something else major, address these issues before starting installation. You should be able to send the shutters back to the manufacturer and get replacements.

Be Careful When Heights Are Involved

You may have a property that is pretty tall and thus has windows that are up high. You still need hurricane shutters on these windows. You'll just want to be extra careful when heights get involved in this setup equation.

You can either use a ladder or a scaffold to work up high when securing hurricane shutters in place. Just get a partner that can stabilize whatever you're standing on so that the threat of falling isn't that high. If you're out of your depth, hire a pro installer.

Make Sure Hurricane Shutters Are on the Right Windows 

If you ordered hurricane shutters for your entire household that has multiple windows, you need to be careful about where each shutter is installed. As a precaution, look at the dimensions of each shutter so that you can match each one up to the corresponding window.

This needs to be done if your windows are sized differently. You won't have to spend a lot of time doing this, but it's an important precaution for getting plenty of protective qualities out of hurricane shutters during tropical storms.

Homes don't have to be so vulnerable to hurricanes if you have hurricane shutter installations. They're beefy and very durable. You just need to be attentive when carrying out their installation. Then you won't be stressed and your windows will end up with the right shutters that reduce the occurrence of window damage.