Opt For The Right Vinyl Fencing Living In A Snowy Climate

19 December 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Installing new fencing can be an excellent investment for your home due to its impact on curb appeal and the security it can add to your property. Even with the benefits considered, there are some concerns regarding longevity over the years. If you live in a snowy climate and are worried about how the fence will hold up to the wear and tear expected with winter, it's best to stick with vinyl fencing. 

Before you choose any vinyl fencing to have installed, consider the following tips and how they can affect the quality of your fence and the condition it remains in after it's been through a few winters. 

Avoid Solid Fencing

As you explore your options for vinyl fencing, you'll need to consider how different styles will hold up when exposed to a lot of snow. When there is wind and the snow is blowing, it's very easy for a solid fence to get weighed down due to how heavy the snow becomes once it piles up. This can cause your fence to buckle and topple over from the weight. 

When looking at your options for fencing and the differing styles, opt for a fence with gaps between the posts. Fencing with gaps between posts makes it easy for the air to blow through and avoids issues where the snow could weigh down your fence. 

Consider Maintenance

Taking care of the fencing on your property could be difficult when you live in a snowy climate due to the moisture and potential damage from the cold temperature. Vinyl fencing is much easier to care for since it won't need annual treatments to be sealed and protected against snow and eventual melting in the spring. 

Bury the Posts Deep 

If you're eager to install fencing and want it to hold up over the years, it's important that you have a professional contractor handle the installation. When living somewhere with snowy winters, it's essential for the fence posts to be buried deep enough that they won't be at risk of toppling over. 

With the concern of the ground expanding and contracting during the winter, fence posts dug deep enough can withstand the elements and keep your fence standing strong. 

All the extra maintenance and effort involved in protecting your fence during winter makes vinyl appealing. Since your vinyl fence can hold up well during the winter, especially with the above tips in mind, you can feel confident purchasing the fencing and scheduling for it to be installed. For more information, contact a company like Ephrata Agway.