6 Factors To Consider When Replacing Your Gutters

26 October 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Has your gutter system begun to show signs of wear and tear? Before you choose new gutters for your home, take some time to decide exactly what you want and need. This article will cover some of the most important aspects to consider when replacing the gutters of your home.

1. Type of material

Your choice of material should depend on a few factors. For instance, if you live in a zone that experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year; galvanized gutters are a durable option. Or if you want a beautiful and low-maintenance gutter system, copper is resistant to moss, fungi, and corrosion, as well as being beautiful to look at.

Decide what you want from your materials and then make your choice.

2. Color of materials

You can increase the curb appeal of your home by choosing a gutter color that complements the existing exterior colors of your home. Aluminum comes in a range of colors. Galvanized gutters offer a bright, shiny, modern look. And copper gutters are rustic in appearance. Choose a color that works with the existing colors of your home.  

3. Fascia board condition

The metal or wooden boards positioned just under the edge of the roof are called fascia boards. Gutter systems are usually connected to these boards. So if you see signs such as warping, peeling paint, or stains, you may want to replace your fascia boards along with your gutters system.

4. Roof condition

Check on the condition of your roof before you install a new gutter system. A faulty roof will put more pressure on your gutters. For instance, if you have an asphalt shingle roof and the shingles are worn, the granules on the shingles will collect in your new gutter system and cause a blockage. A blockage will damage your new gutters.

5. Size of new gutter system

You may need a roofer to help you decide what size gutter system is most appropriate for your roof angle. The weather in your area matters, too. A roofer can tell you whether you should choose larger or smaller gutters.

6. Gutter guard installation

Do you live in an area with lots of trees and vegetation? Then installing gutter guards on your gutters can help prevent blockages from forming in your gutters due to tree litter.

Once you have decided exactly what you want, you'll need a trustworthy professional to install your new gutter system. Seek a roofer or gutter installer near you to get started on your project to replace your gutter system. Reach out to a local service, such as Tri Cities Gutter Solutions, to learn more.