Do You Have A Loved One In A Wheelchair? 2 Tips To Make Their Life Easier

4 May 2022
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If someone in your home has recently been wheelchair-bound, this can make life difficult for them in many ways. Fortunately, there are things you can do at home to help them, two of which are listed below. 

Purchase a Wheelchair Lift

It can be difficult for someone in a wheelchair to get into a vehicle. Because of this purchase, a wheelchair lift to help them. If you have stairs inside your home or a lot of stairs to climb to get inside your home a wheelchair lift works well for this also. There are different types to choose from. One is the vertical platform which moves straight up and down. There is also the inclined platform which moves at an angle onto the vehicle or stairs.  If you are using a wheelchair lift for a vehicle it is generally hydraulic and will be customized to the type of vehicle you have. 

When using the wheelchair lift the user or the person caring for them presses a button to move the lift. You can have a wheelchair lift permanently installed or temporary. If the wheelchair lift is outside there are some that have a cover to protect the person from rain, snow, etc. These chairs also have safety features. For example, there is a button that can be pressed to automatically stop the lift from moving. Many are also on battery so the lift can continue to work even if the power goes out in your home. 

Hire a professional to install a wheelchair lift for you. There are many measurements that must be made for the wheelchair lift to work well. You do not want the lift to malfunction while it is in operation as this could cause injury.

Make Changes Inside the House

Because someone sits much lower when in a wheelchair consider lowering things inside your home. This could be a kitchen sink to allow them to wash and dry dishes. Lower the sink in the bathroom so they can easily wash their hands when needed. 

Measure doorways to ensure a wheelchair can easily go through them. You may need to make some doorways wider to accommodate a wheelchair.  Hallways may need to be made wider to give enough room to easily maneuver a wheelchair. 

Remove loose rugs on the floor and replace carpeting with hardwood flooring to make it easier to move their wheelchair. This may be an expense but well worth it if your loved one will be in a wheelchair for the rest of their life.

There are more things you can do to help your loved ones, such as installing a ramp outside for them to drive their wheelchair up.

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