New Ways To Use Your Apple Air Freshener

16 July 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Air freshener is a pretty simple product. You spray it in your room, and your room takes on the scent of the air freshener — apple, vanilla, whatever that scent may be. Apple air freshener, especially, gives your home a very light, fresh scent. But did you know you can do more with it than simply spray it through the air? Here are some new and exciting ways to use that apple air freshener!

Spray some pine cones.

Are you tired of potpourri that smells heavy and old fashioned? You can make your own, fresher-smelling potpourri by spraying some pine cones with apple air freshener. Collect pine cones yourself from a friend's tree or one in a local park, or purchase some pine cones at a craft store. Fill an attractive bowl with them, and spray them with plenty of air freshener. Keep the air freshener nearby so you can spritz some more on whenever the scent starts to fade.

Spray your blankets.

Do you have a throw blanket that sits on the sofa and always seems to smell a little less than fresh, even if you wash it regularly? Give it a few sprays of apple air freshener, and it will smell a lot fresher. You can do this nightly before you use the blanket, or maybe just before you have guests who might use the blankets.

Freshen the car.

They make air fresheners for cars, but they usually clip onto the air vents, which means they really only release their scent when you have the heat or air conditioning on. If you want your car to smell fresh without having to turn on the heat, you can spray a little apple air freshener inside of it. Just keep a bottle in your glove box so you can reach for it whenever you want the space to smell better.

Freshen your rugs.

Rugs are another thing that can start smelling nasty quickly. While there's no substitute for cleaning your rugs, sometimes you do not have time for that. When that's the case, you can spritz your rug with a little apple air freshener and camouflage the not-so-nice odors.

Apple scent air freshener spray deserves a spot on everyone's shelf. You can spray it through your room, and you can use it in all of the ways mentioned above. Of course, you can do the same thing with vanilla, lavender, or any other scent.