Luxurious Ways To Use Stone For Your House

27 May 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Stone is one of the oldest building materials available. However, it carries a sense of luxury to it. You have many uses for stone both in your house's façade and in your landscaping. Below are some luxurious ways to incorporate stone around your house.

Stone Pathway

One of the classic uses for stone in your home is for pathways. For stone pathways, you'll choose between a formal or informal pathway. Formal pathways tend to be straight. The contractors will also add mortar between the stones. Casual pathways often wind through the yard. They may be mortared, too, but they can also take the form of stepping stones.

Raised Planters

Stone is also a posh material to use in your hardscaping. One option is to use it for raised planters. For this application, you can have the contractors stack the stone with mortar in between. However, they can also start with a concrete core and apply a veneer. When you choose stones for a raised planter, try to match any other stone you have in your yard.

Stone Patio

Stone makes for a beautiful floor for your patio. For this stone, you're going to choose from varieties such as flagstone or travertine. These are preferred stones for flooring for different reasons. For one, fabricators cut them flat. However, their surface is rough enough to provide traction for walking. Likewise, the stones are strong enough to withstand foot traffic.

Pool Decking

Natural stone is a luxurious material for pool decking, too. Indeed, it's more unusual than other decking materials, so it's a definite focal point. Flagstone and travertine are good stones for this application, too. However, you can choose other stones as well. 

Stone Siding

Stone houses were once rustic and rudimentary. However, stone is now a premium material for the outside. Few modern houses are constructed entirely out of stone. Instead, builders typically use veneer for the siding. The result is a high-end finish for your house's exterior. As Next Luxury points out, a stone exterior can complement any style of house from Tudor to ranch.

Garden Fountain

Garden fountains are a grand installation for any yard. Many homeowners buy premade fountains. However, you can have one custom-made out of natural stone. The contractors can build the pool with a stone surround and a traditional fountain in the middle. They can also construct the entire fountain out of luxury stones.

Try some of the above ideas for stone in your yard and house façade. Contact a luxury stone supply company for more information.