Pest Control Services To Get Your Home Ready For A Sale

30 March 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


When it is time to put your home on the market, it might not be in the best condition to attract a buyer. Your home has been your own place of privacy and security for many years, which you have made your own by filling it with your possessions and furnishings. However, often these interior possessions can overrun the space and leave an opportunity for a pest problem. But to get your home sale-ready, it needs to be cleaned out of any pest problems and their damage. Here are some recommendations to help you get your home ready for its sale after pest issues.

Handle Pest Problems

A pest problem inside your home can be uncomfortable to say the least, but when you are hoping to attract a buyer at its sale, you want your home to be in its best condition possible. Food residue and crumbs, along with plenty of hiding places, makes it easy for a family of mice to take up residence. Unfortunately, when mice make your home theirs, they don't leave the area as clean as they found it. In fact, they take over a space and leave grease residue, droppings, urine, and scraps from chewed-up paper and cardboard that they use as nesting materials.

Ask a local mice control service to go through your home to determine where the mice have entered. A mouse only needs an opening the size of a pencil eraser to get into your home. It is also important to recognize all areas in your home that are affected by your pest problem so you don't simply clear out one area of your home only to allow the mice to move to another. Remove all trash and objects that may help harbor mice or provide them a place to hide.

Use a home cleaning service to get your home cleaned for showings and to remove the mice residues and droppings. As part of a good pest control strategy, you want to make sure all residues are removed, as they can often attract more pest problems if they are left behind. Cleaning the carpet with an odor and stain removal solution will lift out any mouse dropping stains and any bacteria they harbor. 

Clean Up Exterior

The outside of your home and its landscaping should also be cleaned as you eliminate a mouse problem on your property. Your pest control specialist can help you by advising you on areas outside of your home you need to clean up and remove debris. For example, a woodpile outside is a common safe harbor for a family of mice.

If you keep chickens or have a dog outside with dog food in the yard, the animal feed left outside can provide a good food supply to mice. Seal up all dog, chicken, or other animal feed in a metal sealed container and clean up any spilled food on the ground.

Leaf piles and dead garden and landscaping plants create a friendly environment for mice. And when mice are living in your backyard, chances increase for them to make their way into your home.