5 Great Ideas To Help You Organize Your Garage

13 February 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


A garage is a great idea in theory. It is a place where you can park your vehicles, store your tools, and keep other items. However, the truth is, for many people, the garage just turns into an unorganized pit of stuff. Here are five great ideas to help you reclaim your garage.

Idea #1: Dedicate a Weekend to Your Garage

The first thing you need to do in order to take control of your garage is dedicate a full weekend to going through your garage and coming up with organizational solutions. Sometimes the best way to deal with a problem is to face it head-on, so set aside a weekend sometime in the next month, clear your schedule, and work to organize your garage.

Idea #2: Empty Out Your Garage

Next, you are going to need to empty out your garage so you can reclaim your garage. You can go through the items in your garage both as you empty it out and as you put everything back together. As you pull items out, try to sort them into garbage, donations, keep, and unsure piles or areas.

Try to keep the unsure pile small. This may include items that belong to someone else in your household who you need to come out and sort those items.

Idea #3: Clean Your Garage

Once you pull everything out of your garage, clean your garage. Wash your walls and floor, and clean up the entire space so that you have a clean space to put everything.

Idea #4: Determine the Storage Areas You Need

Now it is time to look at all the items you pulled out of your garage, and decide what type of storage items you need. Do you have tools that you need to store? Sports equipment? Clothing? Figure out what type of items you need to put back in your garage so you can come up with custom storage solutions for those items.

Idea #5: Build Custom Storage Solutions

Once you determine the type of storage you need, start to build that custom storage. Put up pegboards so you have somewhere to hang your tools. Put hooks on the wall to hang up your bikes, snowboards, and other sports equipment. Create a holder for your sports balls. Put in wire shelving and crates for all the individual items and boxes you need to store.

Don't forget to take advantage of your ceiling space, as well. You can suspend platforms from the ceiling and use that space to put storage containers or items. Just be sure to secure the items directly to the platform.

If your garage has turned into a junk bin, set aside a whole weekend for garage organization. Empty everything out of your garage and sort it. Clean your garage and determine what type of storage areas you need, then build custom storage solutions that you can use to keep your garage a functional place over the long-term.