Living With Limestone: 3 Uses For Limestone In The Home

20 July 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Selecting the right materials for a home improvement project can have a dramatic impact on the final product. There are many materials to choose from on the market today, but limestone can offer you some unique benefits that are not available through other construction materials. Limestone is readily available and extremely easy to cut. These characteristics make it one of the most affordable and versatile materials you can incorporate into your home's design.

1. Add limestone to your home's exterior.

The appearance of your home's exterior can have a significant impact on its total value. Curb appeal is important, so investing in a facelift for your home's outdated exterior can be beneficial.

Limestone can easily be incorporated into your home's exterior design. Architectural features (like columns or a colonnade) can easily be carved from limestone. The availability of limestone ensures that you will not break the bank in order to achieve the classic and elegant exterior that you desire.

2. Make a statement at your front door with limestone.

Another simple, yet striking way that you can incorporate limestone on the exterior of your home is by investing in a surround for your front door.

The front door serves as the focal point for many homes. You want your door to be inviting and attractive, but you also want the door to make a statement. A slab of limestone can be carved with intricate designs that reflect your home's architectural style and your own personal tastes.

These surrounds will add to your home's curb appeal and impress any guests that visit your property in the future.

3. Incorporate limestone floors into your home.

Natural stone floors can give your home's interior a rustic and welcoming aesthetic. Some types of stone flooring can be costly, but limestone is an affordable option that allows you to enjoy stone floors without incurring exorbitant costs.

Limestone is perfect for the bathroom or kitchen, since exposure to moisture will not have an adverse effect on the beauty and function of the stone itself. It's easy to match your new flooring with your home's existing interior design because limestone comes in a wide range of colors.

Incorporating limestone into your home isn't difficult. This versatile stone can be utilized for architectural features on your home's exterior, carved to create a unique door surround, or installed as flooring within your home. Ask your contractor about the benefits of limestone in your home.