Indoor/Outdoor Drinking Water Systems: Selecting One That Works For You

13 March 2018
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Drinking water is not always easy to come by. In fact, there are many areas in the country where potable drinking water requires purchasing your own drinking water systems. Many of these systems can work inside and/or outside the home. Here are some of those systems so that you can choose one that works best for you.

Hot/Cold or Warm/Cold Water Dispensers and Delivered Water

These are exactly the same water dispensers you see in doctors' offices and waiting rooms everywhere. The hot/cold version provides you with hot water on one side for making coffee, tea, and cocoa, while the cold side gives you refreshingly cool water to drink. As for your water supply, it is delivered in five-gallon and ten-gallon drums at room temperature. The drums are inverted and inserted into the dispenser. For best results, give your dispenser a good thirty minutes to an hour to chill and/or heat the new water to the desired temperature.

Water Fountains/Bubblers

In some areas and states, water fountains are known as "bubblers" for the bubbling, gurgling sound the appliances make when you press the button to get a drink. Everyone else calls these items water fountains. The water jettisons out of a hole in a spigot and forms an arc into the drain below. They are installed with your current plumbing system, which allows your home or building to utilize the cold water that already comes into the building/home. You can also install these units outside, in parks, and wherever else a "bubbler" would be useful to others.

Water Bottle Refill Delivery Systems

Schools and gyms are now installing and utilizing water bottle refill delivery systems. They are similar to water fountains, except that the water is dispensed from the wall platform and ONLY into water bottles. The system has a set of sensors that trigger the release of water and recognize when the collection container is a water bottle (versus just hands or sensor blocking device).

By this means, water is conserved. It never goes wasted on anyone who is attempting to play in the water rather than drink it. It also helps reduce the amount of plastic waste by encouraging people to refill a plastic bottle often rather than buy a new bottle of water every time they are thirsty. All of these water delivery systems can be stationed inside or outside, depending on your intended use and needs.

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