Transform An Unused Garage Corner Into A Hobby Station

24 January 2018
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Some hobbies, like doing crossword puzzles, don't require a specialized space. However, if you have an art-based hobby, such as scrapbooking or model building, you know that it's tough to find an ideal hobby area. Right now, you may simply spread your materials and tools across a nearby table, and clean them up after your hobby session. It's probably a little tiring to not have a special place where you can keep your tools on-hand all the time. Well, garages often have areas of unused space. Consider transforming that unused corner into a hobby station.

Install a Working Surface

The first step in designing your hobby station is installing a work surface. If space allows, you can simply place a desk or table in the corner. However, you may need to conserve space, and install a custom construction. For example, Decoist describes fold-out desks that conceal your craft supplies when closed. With such a custom construction, you don't have to worry about your hobby station getting in the way of other garage activities.

Design Custom Storage

Whether you're having a custom fold-out desk installed or not, you'll need specialized storage for your hobby. What that looks like depends entirely on your hobby. For example, if you like sewing, you'll need tiny compartments for your supplies, as well as space for storing larger materials, such as fabric. If you're a painter, rows of shelves for your paints makes sense. Look at how your tools are stored now, and imagine how custom storage can facilitate your hobby.

Plan for Enough Light

No matter what your hobby is, you need to see what you're doing. An overhead light won't be sufficient. Rather, you'll need specialized task lighting. This lighting could be track lights installed directly above your hobby station. However, it might also make sense to install lighting directly to your storage and work area, for finer tasks. Talk to your shelving contractors about how best to incorporate lighting into a custom hobby station design.

Include Appropriate Electricity

In that vein, you may need electricity to run small tools for your hobby. The last thing you'll want to do is try to rig an extension cord to your hobby station. Even a single outlet located near your station might not suffice. Instead, consider having an outlet installed directly into the wall that accommodates however many of your tools you need to have plugged in, while engaging in your hobby.

Design your dream area for indulging in your hobby in an unused garage space.

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