5 Fun Options for Customizing Your Home's Wall Decals

5 July 2017
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If you are looking for a unique way to dress up your walls, why not forgo the traditional framed pictures and artwork? There's a modern and exciting way to adorn your residential walls that will reflect your own unique style and personality. Customized wall decals for residential use can be a fun and creative process. The great aspect is that most of these are "peel and stick" and may be changed whenever you desire. You may choose your own logo, design, lettering and colors, but where do you begin? If you are looking for some inspiration, here are five ideas to decorate your walls:

1. Liven Up the Kids' Rooms

Liven up the kids' rooms with charming character decals they know and love. Decals in the likeness of lovable animated characters from favorite TV series and movies are sure to please. How about their favorite video game characters depicted in a colorful peel and stick decal?

For something equally fun, how about a decal growth chart? Your little ones will have fun with the colorful chart that helps them track their growth in inches and centimeters. You may also find colorful decals for the baby nursery. Personalize your wall decor with your baby's name and a whimsical graphic.

2. Explore Your Creative Side

You may be aware of the hot trend of adult coloring, and that craze seems to be here to stay. With that craze in mind, wall decal manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon, too. Now there are wall decals you can color yourself. So, whip out your markers, gel pens, and colored pencils and do your own thing. 

Customized wall decals are now available in a color your own option, with many designs to choose from. Look for "Color Your Decal" options in spiral designs, mandalas, whimsical animals and more. All you need to do is color, peel, and stick. You'll have lots of creative fun with this option. Frame your masterpiece if you desire, or simply apply to any flat and smooth wall surface.

3. Inspire and Motivate Yourself

Custom wall decals can be so much more than colorful artwork for your walls. They can also inspire and motivate you. How is that so? With inspirational quotes that keep you energized and ready to face your daily challenges.

Team your favorite encouraging and inspirational quote for your decal, select a font type and color and you're all set. If you are still at a loss for inspiration, many decal companies have templates from which to choose from. Or, you might find quotes and passages from books or online. Inspirational quote customized decals are ideal for the bedroom, home office, family or exercise room, or the playroom.

4. Stay Organized With a Custom Decal

Organizational wall decals can serve two purposes: decorate your walls with fun designs and stay organized at the same time. Do you need a dry erase board, but do not want to make any more nail holes in the wall? The solution is simple: Order a custom, organizational dry erase wall decal.

Unlike the boring standard rectangular dry erase boards, a custom designed dry erase wall decal can be designed in the silhouette of a favorite charter or fun shape. With these fun decals, you can write notes, appointment dates, and messages with any dry erase marker. Dry erase custom calendar decals are also available, so you may keep track of future events. Wipe clean and then start over again. It's a fun organizational idea for any busy household.

5. Deck the Halls at the Holidays

Go festive with customized holiday wall decor. Place a colorful Santa on your wall, or Rudolph and his reindeer buddies pulling Santa's sleigh. Is whimsy not your style? Get in the holiday spirit with a custom designed holly and mistletoe wall decal. If you can imagine it, your custom wall decor dealer may be able to customize it for you.

Inquire about other event and holiday custom wall decals as well. Fun birthday and anniversary designs are often available. Don't forget Halloween, Valentine's Day and the Fourth of July.

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