Bombs Away — Tips On Preventing Birds From Using Your Window Awnings As Their Toilet

27 April 2017
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When you have a new set of awnings installed over your windows, the last thing you want is to look out one day and realize that the neighborhood's birds have decided that your awnings are their personal toilets. Awnings are typically washable, but the job of removing each awning and washing it — potentially only to have it sullied again in short order — may be a hassle. You're better off taking steps to discourage the birds from congregating in the area, and you can achieve this goal through a variety of means.

Trim Away Overhead Branches

Birds will often relieve themselves when they take off, which means that the area directly below a favorite perch may be littered in poop. If there's a tree branch directly over any of your awnings, this is bad news. If the birds decide that they enjoy sitting on this branch, a dirty awning may soon be the result. The simple solution is to keep your trees carefully trimmed. If you have a chainsaw, ladder, and the necessary safety gear, you can plan to do this work on your own. An alternative is to hire a tree service and have a trained professional take care of the job for you.

Make The Area Inhospitable For Birds

Even if you enjoy watching birds out your windows, you won't like what they leave behind on your awnings. Another solution is to make your yard inhospitable for the birds. If they congregate on your gutters that are directly above the awnings, for example, have a contractor install bird spikes in these areas. The spikes won't hurt the birds — they'll simply get the message that this is a poor place to try to hang out. A replica owl is also helpful to hang from your deck or a tree in the area. Smaller birds will get fooled into thinking the owl is real, and will find another place to spend their time.

Use A Sonic Repeller

Another way to keep birds from loitering around the area and pooping on your awnings is to invest in a sonic repeller. This simple device emits a sound that birds can hear, but that humans cannot, and it will send birds away from your yard. You can mount this device on your building, on a nearby tree, or anywhere else that it can be effective. Different repellers have different ranges, so make sure to find a product that has enough range to keep birds away from the awnings at the front and the rear of your building.

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