In the Market for a Luxury Modern Office Desk? Try These 4 Luxury Materials

25 April 2017
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One of the cool parts about picking out a luxury modern desk is you get to choose a really impressive and beautiful material. You can pick from metals, stones, or exotic woods. This is great if you have had to make due with a laminate desk in the past and want something that is a bit more substantial. So, to help you get started picking out the materials for your desk, here are 4 materials to consider.

Polished Steel (The Modern Minimalist Look)

If you really like the look of minimalist, modern furniture, than polished stainless steel is the way to go. The desk will have super clean lines, and it can be made super thin and still strong enough to support your laptop and other desk items. Some modern steel tables incorporate another material for the legs, or alternatively, use the stainless steel for legs and a glass top. However, for a super minimalist look you might want to opt for an entire stainless steel design.

Carrara Marble (Modern Meets Old World)

This sort of marble is a classic material, one that has been used in sculpture for years. If you visit the great museums of Europe you will see countless examples of artwork done in this sort of off-white marble. For your modern style desk, you could have a clean, polished slab of carrara marble. The desk will have a visually heavy look, so it's best if you want your office desk to be the centerpiece of the room. For the legs, a good counterpoint would be stainless steel legs. Marble on marble is not a good look and would be too visually chunky for the space. It would make it look more like a tomb or alter than a desk.

Cocobolo Wood (Exotic Inspired)

This is an exotic wood from South America. It has a super rich color and is often used in making musical instruments, decorate wood chess pieces, and other precision wood pieces. However, it's also a gorgeous wood that is perfect for offices (as fans of Better Call Saul will know). The wood has lots of natural oils, which allow it to have a natural, beautiful shine. A nice slab of cocobolo wood with slim cast iron legs would be a gorgeous desk. Wood legs would make it a bit too visually "heavy" for the office.

Granite Slab (Rough and Modern)

If you like the idea of a stone desk, but find marble a bit too fancy and polished, then consider a nice, rough cut granite slab. These are polished on the surface, but the edges are left unpolished, so they retain the characteristic rough texture of the raw granite. You can get these slabs in any number of colors. They also would work well with a stainless steel set of legs.

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