Tips To Keep Predators Out Of Your Pond

27 March 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


A backyard pond can add a soothing touch to your landscaping, but it can also attract unwanted pests. This is especially true if you decide to stock the pond with koi or another type of fish. The following tips can help you avoid problems.

Tip #1: Install a fountain

Mosquitoes may be small, but they are definitely a pest -- a pest that can spread disease. They are drawn to water features to lay their eggs, which then hatch and turn your yard into a blood sucking nursery. Although fish will feed on some of the eggs, they likely won't catch them all. The good news is that mosquitoes prefer still water. Installing a fountain in the pond will disturb the water just enough so that the pond is no longer the ideal place to lay a clutch of eggs.

Tip #2: Install a deeper pond

If you have fish, a deeper pond is simply a good idea. Not only does it help stabilize water temperatures, it can protect your fish from predators like raccoons. This is because the fish can simply swim to the deeper areas and be out of reach. Most small urban predator animals won't wade deeply into a pond, especially if they can't easily gauge the depth.

Tip #3: Add some cover

Giving your fish somewhere to hide also helps protect them. This is why you want to have some plants growing in the water. Pots underwater plants provide some cover, especially in shallow areas. Floating pond plants can also help. If you have issues with the fish eating the plants, then you can use artificial plants if you desire. A floating pond fountain that disturbs the water's surface and moves around can also make it hard for a predator to spot a fish swimming in the pond.

Tip #4: Install upper obstructions

Another predator that can be even more difficult to manage are birds that hunt your fish. In this case, placing a net over the pond may be your best option. If you balk at the idea of a net, you will need to obstruct the birds so they can't easily swoop down to the water. Growing a dense canopy of tree branches overhead can help. You can also string just a few lines and attach reflective bird tape to them to scare the feathered predators away.

For more help, visit a pond and fountain dealer.