Bring The Beauty Of Natural Stone To Your Home, Inside And Out!

30 November 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Upgrading with natural stone is a beautiful way to upgrade and enhance your home's spaces while improving the overall value of your property. Stone is naturally resilient, durable, and aesthetically appealing; it goes with the most-modern of furnishings and melds well with vintage décor. Think about some of the ways to use and apply natural stone around the rooms in your house, and talk with a contractor or mason about additional ways to 'wow' guests and visitors.

Some beautiful ways to highlight natural stone in your home include:

In your kitchen. Chefs and bakers appreciate natural stone surfaces in the kitchen for culinary purposes; plus, it looks fantastic! Granite is the benchmark for most cooks, but consider the unique style of natural quartz or gemstone counters and backsplashes, too.

In the bathroom. A beautiful stone vanity and counters can elevate your bathroom into something special. It is the perfect surface for this area of the home, it is easy to clean, and it will bring a fresh, contemporary look to your remodeled bathroom.

At the foyer. Greet guests and friends with natural stone tiles and flooring when they enter your home. The foyer or mud-room are perfect for granite tiling, as it is durable and holds up well to foot traffic. It will set a sophisticated style tone for the rest of your home!

On your fireplace. Give a dated fireplace a fresh look with a natural stone resurfacing. Have a mason create a beautiful stone façade for your fireplace and hearth that will create a natural focal point in your living spaces.

Along the terrace. Create the perfect place to entertain by refurbishing and enhancing your terrace with some stone features. For example, consider adding a standing-height counter along the perimeter of your patio. This is the perfect spot for plants, cocktails, and outdoor recreation while also providing an organic border to your terrace.

On the patio. Have your contractor lay a patio near your home that consists of natural stone tile. Use this space to entertain, lounge, or unwind after a long day. Hose the tile off as needed, and enjoy the low-maintenance of natural stone all around your property.

Talk to a building contractor or mason about the costs of upgrading to natural stone around your home. The weight and bulk of natural stone slabs make it practical to hire professionals for your refurbishments, so ask around for recommendations and read reviews of local contractors. Use these ideas to inspire you in your own unique applications of natural stone throughout your house! Contact a company like Old World Stone to check out your options.