2 Options That Can Help You Make Your Front Door Or Gate Stand Out

2 September 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


One of the hardest parts about personalizing your home and yard is finding some way to make your front door or gate to your property stand out and look unique, usually because those areas of your tend to be pretty bland when they are constructed. However, there are a few options that can help you personalize your front door or gate and improve your home's curb appeal, such as the two listed below.


One of the easiest ways to make your front door stand out is to consider utilizing clavos to add a unique touch. Clavos are a type of nail that usually has a very large and decorative head. In most cases, clavos are hammered into a line across your door to provide a more rustic or old world feel to your door. 

The biggest benefit of utilizing clavos to personalize your door is that there are a massive number of styles and types available to you. One of the most common options is a hammered head to the clavos that make the nail look like it was created by a blacksmith.

Other options can include more decorative clavos that feature a fleur-de-lis, crosses, and a number of other carvings. In some cases, you can also find clavos that have intricate carvings of animals on the head of the nail. 


Another way to make your front door or gate have more personality and to make it stand out from the other homes in your neighborhood is to invest in straps. In this case, straps are hinge mechanisms that connect to the exterior of your outward swinging door or gate rather than relying on butt hinges that are typically hidden from view. These straps are available in decorative varieties if you are unwilling to completely replace your existing door or gate and are meant to be nailed or screwed into your door or gate to provide the illusion that you have strap hinges.

In addition, functional straps are also available that can be made from a wide variety of metals to help you personalize your gate or door. These metals can include steel, iron, or even wrought iron if you want a really classic look.

The benefit of functional strap hinges is that they can often support a lot more weight than other types of hinges, which makes them ideal for heavy doors or long gates. In addition, both decorative and functional straps are available in a lot of styles that can provide the rustic, handmade appearance of a blacksmith's work to more artistic options that feature intricate designs and carvings.

Visit your local home improvement store today in order to see the many options available to you when it comes to making your home stand out a bit. Clavos and straps are just two great ways to make your front door or gate have more curb appeal and personality. For more information, contact The Rustic Express or a similar company.